ABA Hyper-Growth Focused


  • Adaptive care derived from deep data collection with optimized scheduling metrics
  • Eliminate non-billable resource hours by having SIDIS automate operational tasks
  • Rapidly open new locations & streamline acquisition mergers


  • Early intervention outcomes that utilize evidence based treatment & assessments
  • Track & project target skill acquisition with data-backed evidence


  • Get a lean back-office tech eco-system
  • Create a Direct-to-Value focused employee environment
  • Utilize AI & Machine Learning for fundamental analytical responsibilities
ABA Software Solutions
Enterprise Scalability vs. Practice Management Mindset
SIDIS Health
CentralReach ABA
OT and PT Software
ABA Data Collection Solutions
CentralReach software
Clinic Ops
Clinic Ops End-to-end Intake web/mobile portals ABA Customer Relationship Manager Tool No advanced CRM tool capabilities
  Clinic Ops
Clinic Ops AI Scheduling with advanced business rule enforcement Authorization & payer compliance modules cross align with organizational resources, eliminating non-billable scheduled services Labels & tags; No advanced business rules validation
  Clinic Ops
Clinic Ops AI Draft Mode scheduling New site or reconfiguring an existing site; AI Draft Mode enables assembly of schedules based on contract performance Scheduling limited to labels & tags, not simulated draft mode
  Clinic Ops
Clinic Ops Comprehensive Payer Profiles Payer credentialing, patient preferences, availability, time to in-home appointments, EVV & travel routing Limited compliance validation for authorization & contract modules
  Clinic Ops
Clinic Ops Augmented Provider Profiles Itemized compliance validation; including certifications, degrees, abilities, availability & credentialing Partial profile compliance without detailed enforcements across ops & financial resources
  Clinic Ops
Clinic Ops Advanced compliance management Payer contract constraints correlated with service authorization definitions that optimize contract performance Label notification statuses without business rule enforcement
  Clinic Ops
Clinic Ops Real automated batch billing EDI electronic billing submissions with 2 step validation occurring immediately after session is rendered & during billing phase Restrictive compliance with limited contract fulfillment processes. Typically requiring manual resource validations
Corporate GAAP compliant sub-systems No need to export claim data for spreadsheet manipulation into financial data. Revenue, AR, & GL built in distributions Not able to prepare GL entries for ERP system and recognize financial revenue
Corporate Enterpise database accesss Unlimited BI reporting integrations for robust analytics in a dedicated real-time replicated Sidis Database with all clinical & operational data correlated Limited to practice management high-level data with de-coupled clinical data
Therapy Curriculum builder/importer Advanced real-time data tracking including treatment plan creator for integrated administration of service sessions Not integrated to operational compliance modules for utilizing advanced analytics
All Enterprise Workflow Management Pre-defined & customizable workflows that include user group roles with linked application access & data validation Workflows that are only informative notifications/labels but not business rule enforced
All Patient/Provider communications Critical notifications regarding appointment data-sharing & treatment progress with on-going support via web/mobile portals Limited notifications without compliant data-sharing