• Clinical, Financial & Operational Data Sources not in singular solution
  • Generating on demand financial data that is auditable to contract performance
  • Therapist notes take too long & insufficient


  • Legacy batched based billing processes that do not scale with patient volume
  • Payer contract resource definitions not compliant across billable service definitions


  • Difficult to centrally monitor treatment effectiveness for all patients
  • Enforcement in standardization of care
  • (COVID) Enabling Effective Teletherapy


  • Missed scheduled hours
  • Payer contracts, authorizations & billing requirements need to be automated
Autism Clinical Software
System Integrated Therapies:
Mobile ABA Software
ABA Scheduling
ABA and Autism Scheduling
AI Advanced Scheduling
Maximize contract fulfillment where provider compliance & patient availability are optimized against payer authorizations. This maximizes capacity & ensures payment for services. The SIDIS scheduling app will minimize denials & rejections while integrating into our automated EDI billing solution.
Mobile Patient Intake ABA
Integrated Mobile Intake
Available in a mobile App Parent Portal with “Point & Click” options, Electronic Signing, & AI Document Scanning. This eliminates manual data input for insurance cards & critical medical history.
The SIDIS Lite mobile app links seamlessly with the Core SIDIS Solution.
ABA Enterprise Curriculum
Customizable Enterprise Curriculum
An organization's treatment curriculum is uploaded intelligently & delivered in an enterprise approach. Our "Curriculum Builder Module" creates your organization's specific platform for data collection & lesson dissemination.
This empowers lightly trained paraprofessionals via technology.
ABA BI Reporting
Full DB Access for Unlimited Reporting
Full access to a real-time offline Database Clone to perform advanced BI analytics.
Use any third-party BI tools such as MS Power BI, Excel & Access or connect via SIDIS open API to 3rd-party BI tools like Redshift®.
BI Clinical Solutions
Definable Workflow Management
Create custom workflows with designated "Steps & Tasks" building blocks. Specific inbox responsibilities are designated bringing transparency to the overall process.
Identify bottlenecks where additional resources may need correcting.
Autism Billing
Automated Billing
Intelligent compliance where payer contract obligations are processed automatically to determine billing parameters & create EDI submissions. No batch amending & configuring necessary for EDI submissions to clearinghouse.
A true Enterprise Billing Approach.
ABA Reporting
Customizable Advanced Dashboards
User role-based dashboards & reporting tools that reproduce the data requirements from clinical to financial analysis.
Eliminate the need for endless time consuming work to produce relevant department reporting.
ABA Data Collection Solutions
E-Binder With Clinical Documentation
SIDIS transforms traditional paper binders into a transformative mobile technology; from capturing service session times, outcome data, drive times & digital signatures.
This empowers lightly trained paraprofessionals to be effective in the field & enable robust data capturing for future robust analytics.
Automated ABA Billing
Advanced Authorizations & Contracts
Ensure billable services get paid by configuring the SIDIS Payer Contract & Authorization Matrix. Systematizing compliance metrics from provider to payer resources.
This app minimizes rejections & denials by forcing compliance throughout scheduling.
ABA Credentialing Solutions
Enterprise Roll Based Profiles
Based upon user types & roles, specific menus & inbox responsibilities are designated with respective workflow responsibilities.
User Dashboards present a summary of various tasks & status's to track target KPI’s.

Deploying SIDIS Health by the Numbers

ROI Benefit Breakdown

Complete ABA Billing

Increase ($$$)


Revenue Booster

SaaS 2.0 AI Scheduler



SaaS 2.0 + AI Scheduler

Workflow Creator

Efficiency (Time)


Workflow Creator

Telemedicine Portal

Expanding Services

New Normal

Telemedicine Portal

Claims to Cash Vehicle

Outstanding (Days)


Claims to Cash Vehicle

SaaS 2.0 Intake Portal

Intake Process (Time)


SaaS 2.0 Intake Portal

Automated ABA Billing

Non-billable (Time)


Bigdata Billing Vehicle

ABA Payment Processing

Less (Time)

Accounting Hours

Integrated Ledgers


Jeff Plowman
  • Former Head of Finance - Analytics in the Healthcare & Retail industries; including the Autism space as well as skilled nursing
  • 10+ years in corporate finance, strategy, FP&A & senior financial management for such companies as Plum Healthcare & Oakley
  • Received Master’s degree from the University of Oregon School of Business
  • Robert Pontello
    CTO/General Manager
    Linkedin Profile
  • Former CTO for two healthcare companies including Center for Autism & Related Disorders (CARD)
  • 20+ years in mobile technology innovations & ERP development including developing Workforce Management Solutions & OTC (Orders to Cash) apps for organizations including Ericsson
  • Master's degrees from Loyola Marymount University & Pepperdine
  • Michael Shields
    Director of Product
    Linkedin Profile
  • 35+ years experience in enterprise software design & implementation
  • Previously worked with Rob developing enterprise IT solutions in the fortune 1000 arena & the ABA treatment space
  • Pioneered legacy ABA therapy software into mobile apps for BI's in the field for companies like Center for Autism & Related Disorders (CARD)
  • Dean Shoultz
    Director of Development
    Linkedin Profile
  • 30+ years experience in designing & developing enterprise business apps
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud & security expert
  • Founder of MarineCFO, OpsGen & UA Business Cloud companies
  • Scaled UA Business Cloud SaaS company integrating finance, accounting, supply chain & HR modules for 6000+ companies