Enterprise Platform vs. Practice Management

As the behavioral health industry has seen the emergence of organizations whose mission statement includes the desire to provide treatment and services to meet an ever growing demand, the realization that traditional methods of business and practice management quickly become overburdened in the process. While Practice Management Solutions may have been explicitly created in the interest of serving the particulars associated with how the organization operates, as the business grows two things become abundantly clear. The inability to scale the business strategically and the inherent inadequacies that become obvious as growth occurs where oversight, visibility, process management and accurate data collection and validation are concerned.

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Ultimately this creates problems throughout the organizational workflow beginning with the assurance of service quality through to the validity of vital information collected for patients/payers/compliance etc. and ultimately to the recognition of Financial Results and the questionable reliability of all of it.

An Enterprise Solution by contrast removes the rigidity of Practice Management process definitions by introducing an intelligent platform design engineered to both provide best practice capability as well as the assimilation and adoption of the organization and its practice, workflows and oversight needs in every aspect of the business. The solution becomes the conduit and connective pathway for all processes and is specifically configured and tailored to meet the needs of each role in the organization creating a user experience and management platform that reflects directly the intentions set forth in the Organizational Mission Statement.

The Enterprise Platform represents the only scalable strategy capable of providing these critical functions while additionally creating the necessary metrics needed for decision support in the interest of growth management, organizational health, planning and guidance.

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